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What's Inspected

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The Inspection

We Want You There

Your inspection will be an informative, educational experience. By the time the inspection is done, you will likely know the home better than the previous owner. We guide you through the home and teach you about each of the major systems and components of the home. By accompanying us on the inspection you also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive detailed answers. You will be impressed with the inspector's technical competence, patience and concerned attention to detail.


Ensure that the home inspection company that you choose does not solicit or perform any of the work they recommend. They should not be affiliated with any contractor nor give or receive any referral fees. This ensures that their recommendations are objective and unbiased.

What to expect from the Inspection

Our Inspectors will examine all the systems and components of the home, including:

  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Plumbing
  • Kitchen
  • Walls/Ceilings
  • Roof
  • Floors
  • Basement/Crawlspace
  • Gutters/Drainage
  • Exterior Finish
  • Porches/Decks
  • Garages
  • Site Improvements
  • It will be a visual, unbiased, non-invasive inspection.
  • The inspection will be done in daylight and will include an extensive, computer-generated report including photographs.
  • The inspection will identify visible signs of problems or potential problems. The serious problems will be identified and smaller deficiencies will be mentioned as a courtesy.
  • Our Clients and their Realtor are encouraged to attend the inspection. It will be an informative and educational experience with an opportunity to ask questions and receive detailed answers.
  • The inspector will identify main water and electrical shut-offs.

Preparing For the Inspection


Understand the home inspection process, its benefits and limitations. The weather or accessibility to an area may cause a limitation.

Our buyers are always encouraged to attend the inspection. It will be an informative and educational experience leading to a fully informed purchasing decision.

Our objective is to discover major deficiencies that may effect your buying decision.

Preventative maintenance suggestions and minor deficiencies are not usually considered grounds for renegotiation but may be brought to your attention as a courtesy.



There are many deficiencies that frighten buyers or affect the price of a home much more than the cost of the repair. The following tips should help you prepare yourself and your home for the buyer and their inspector.

Do Not attempt to hide any problems or defects. This could cause future liabilities to jump up and bite you when you least expect it-- honesty is the best policy.

Serious Defect
If you think you're home has a serious defect get it professionally evaluated. The problem can always be fixed and often for much less than you expect. A serious defect will usually impact the value of your home considerably more than the cost of the repair.

First Impression
Give the impression that your home is well maintained, an attitude of pride of ownership

-- trim trees, bushes and grass
-- clean debris from eavestroughs
-- replace broken windows and hardware

Good Working Order
Make sure everything is in good working order

-- doors and windows open and close smoothly and don't stick
-- clean and service the furnace and replace the filter
-- clean and service the humidifier, remove scale etc.
-- service plumbing fixtures, dripping taps, running toilets etc.
-- overhead garage door should run smoothly and automatically reverse


-clean and repaired caulking around bathroom fixtures and repaired cracked grouting

-- repair or replace caulking as required around the exterior of the home around doors, windows and other openings in the exterior finish.

Exterior Trim
-- paint and repair exterior trim as required
-- this helps aesthetically and protect the trim and windows seals from deterioration

Storm Water Management
-- make sure eaves troughs are well secured and cleanout leaves and debris.
-- make sure eaves trough downspouts discharge at least five feet from the foundation
-- make sure that landscaping is tapered so as to encourage water to flow away from the house.

Water Damage and Stains and their Cause Should Be Repaired:
-- probably the biggest deterrent to a home buyer is signs of water damage
-- excess condensation on windows damages drywall below the windows
-- roof or plumbing leaks or overflows from plumbing fixtures that have stained ceilings below.

-- make sure to provide easy access to the furnace, hot water tank, electrical panel, attic hatch, garage and all rooms in your home
-- don't give the appearance of hiding something by having large amounts of stored items against a wall. Buyers do assume the worst.

Your Smoke Detectors Will Be Tested
-- if they are connected to monitoring service, inform the monitoring company and your inspector


Many home sellers choose to have a professional inspection performed before they list their property for sale. The inspection report can serve as a valuable tool to prepare your home for sale

The Report

Our computer-generated report is the leader in the industry. We've combined the best of the checklist and the narrative style format to offer you a clear understanding of your home.

The report is easy read, prioritizes the findings and includes photo documentation. This helps you understand which areas need to be addressed immediately and which can wait.

The report will identify all major deficiencies and safety hazards that are visible at the time of the inspection.

The Equipment

As a leader in the inspection field we are continually upgrading our inspection equipment and report delivery.

Electrical Circuit Tester
The electrical circuit tester is needed to determine the continuity of wiring, the polarity, the presence of grounding and the operation of ground fault circuit interrupters. [GFCI's]

Tic Tracer
This tool is used to determine whether electrical current is present in an electrical wire or fixture.

Water Pressure Gauge
The water pressure supplied to home is tested to insure it is adequate for your needs yet not so high it will cause failure in your plumbing fixtures

Digital Camera
A picture is worth 1000 words is a well-known saying. This is definitely true of the pictures in the home inspection report. It may be necessary for our client to explain a deficiency to the third party and a picture makes an explanation more understandable.

Laptop Computer
Before our inspectors had laptop computers in the field they spend more time onsite writing the report than they spent inspecting. Our inspectors now spend the majority of their time inspecting and can therefore spend more time addressing your concerns.

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