High Class Escort Girls in Germany

Germany has long had a reputation for being a safe haven for high-class escort girls. In a city like Munich, the number of prostitutes has more than doubled in the past decade. The crime has largely been overlooked, despite numerous media reports that higher-ups were covering up the crime. German escort girls are the perfect choice for men who want to experience a high-class sexual encounter.

Before the 2001 reform, most upmarket sex workers in Germany worked out of their own apartments or homes and negotiated individual deals with their clients. Before the law was changed, these women were often recruited on the street and did not have to endure filthy conditions. Regardless of the level of professionalism of their clients, most of them work for the sex trade for a living, and they have a very strong case for reform. But, not most of them can freely advertise their escort services online at https://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-berlin-194/.

Another source for high class escort girls in Germany is the Mega Brothels. The Mossman brothel in Berlin is known for being notorious, and there are over five branches throughout the city. As the name suggests, this establishment is set up to attract rich men. The young women will approach men as they pass by and negotiate services with them. While these are not the only options for high class escort girls in Europe, they are still a great option for a night out.

The German government has introduced legislation to make it more difficult for women to work in the sex industry. The new laws have made it easier for brothels to raise prices and reduce wages. While sex is still legal in Germany, the new law has created a lucrative environment for the business. The goal of the Act is to protect women from the sex industry and remove the stigma, but the reality is much different.

The criminal trial of Jurgen Rudloff has exposed the extent of the abuse of prostitutes in Germany. He claimed that his clubs were the largest marketplace in Europe and his sex clubs were full of people looking for a good time. The prosecution also dismantled the myth that the German sex market was “clean”. The German court’s verdict dismantled the false notion that prostitution is an upscale activity.

While German authorities have no data on the number of domestic sex workers in Germany, the numbers of prostitutes in the country are much higher than in most other countries. In 2002, the German government legalized pimping and brothel-keeping, and the country currently serves 1.2 million men a day. The prostitution industry in Germany is more lucrative than Thailand, and at last count, German prostitutes are paid 500 euros a month.

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