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A Birmingham escort agency is an adult business who provides companionship to clients.  They are responsible for recruiting girls and then advertising them on their escort agency website. As well as escort directories, classified sites, social media and newspapers. Their aim is to advertise their Birmingham escorts to reach and persuade clients to hire their services. The client then contacts the Birmingham escort agency to arrange a booking with his preferred escort in Birmingham. Birmingham escort agencies are professional booking makers. Clients pay the Birmingham escort directly for her time and companionship. After the booking has taken place, Birmingham escort agencies take a percentage of the fee, for advertising and making the booking.  

The more bookings that an escort has, the more money she makes. Therefore, there more amount of fees per booking are given to the Birmingham escort agency. It is in the interest of the Birmingham escorts agency to promote her in the most honest, yet attractive way. For example, paying for the escort to have a professional photo shoot will make her more alluring to clients. A good review is brought to the attention of other potential clients.  

They are the mediators between escorts in Birmingham and clients. Ensuring the personal identities of escorts and clients are kept a secret from one another. If the escorts request it, faces and tattoos will be blurred from the website photos. Phone numbers are not exchanged between the escort and client, to ensure there can never be any stalkers or obsessiveness.  

Owning a Birmingham escort agency

Imagine running a Birmingham escort agency? Being in the middle of numerous hot-blooded hormonal women verses sexually frustrated clients. Ensuring the mental wellbeing of escorts and clients can be challenging! Ensuring everyone is happy and satisfied. Ensuring that escorts in Birmingham are safe. Finding out how delayed she is to keep clients up to date. Passing on messages between clients and escorts. Such as changes in appointments, clothing requests or special requests.  

Listening to the personal problems of escorts can be mind-blowing! “Kate who lost a butt-plug up her anus” or “Angel who came on her period” or “Sasha who´s mum is becoming suspicious of all her income”. Then you have the clients! “Dave who rings every day, just to see who is working, but never books”. Or “Peter who tells the receptionist about his entire life, before he books”. Or “No- internet John, who needs a verbal description of every single escort”. And that’s just a small example! Owning and running Birmingham escort agencies are intensive, challenging and exhausting. Then they get shut down by the police because it’s an illegal business anyway! Escorts and clients move on to one of the other Birmingham escort agencies that are still open. Is it worth all the time, money and effort running a Birmingham escort agency?   

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