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Birmingham adult Entertainment overview

Birmingham adult entertainment are business that literally are that! It is entertainment, only for adults, based in Birmingham. The reason it is only for adults, over the age of eighteen is because it can involve nudity or is sex related. Birmingham adult entertainment can be sexually explicit and graphic material designed for adult viewing. Such as porn films, top shelf magazines or sex shops. Examples of Birmingham adult entertainment are escort services, massage parlours, the sex industry, strip clubs, lap dancing bars, or gentlemen clubs.  

The purpose of Birmingham adult entertainment is for adult companionship, sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction. Entertainment that includes sexual content, topless or scantily dressed qualifies as Birmingham adult entertainment.  

Adult entertainment in Birmingham city is very controversial, and many citizens, feminists, organizations and authorities have strong moral objections to it. They believe that the adult industry in Birmingham is linked to criminals, drug use and in particular the exploitation of women.  

However, anyone who knows or is involved in the Birmingham adult entertainment businesses can tell you that it’s just adults having fun and enjoying themselves. Take the Birmingham escort agencies for example; is females providing companionship and affection for lonely men and women. The women work off their own free will. Choosing themselves whether they work full time or part time. Selling time and companionship for customers who need a temporary girlfriend experience. Take lap dancers in Birmingham for example; professional erotic dancers, with toned flexible bodies who perform for men and women. There is no sex involved! No one thinks negatively about going to watch the ballet dancers at the theatre. So, what is wrong with watching the art of a pole dancer or burlesque dancer? Sat with some mates having a beer. If the club has a public entertainment license, then there is nothing wrong.  

The problem with Birmingham adult entertainment, is people automatically presume it is the sex industry. Where sexual services are being sold. They think that any female that works in the adult industry in Birmingham is instantly a prostitute. Which couldn’t be further from the truth!  

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