Berlin Brodels

Berlin Brodels

Many Berlin brothels offer services to tourists, including women’s services. There are three choices: Werdauer Reloaded, Artemis and Sunshine. In this article, we’ll look at Artemis, Werdauer Reloaded, and Bel Ami. We also discuss the safety issues in these establishments. What should you look out for when visiting these brothels

Artemis brothel

The Artemis brothel in Berlin is among the largest brothels in Europe. It is located in Halensestrasse 32-36, close to the train station and the convention center. The brothel is open seven days all week, from 11:00 until 5:00 a.m. Admission to the club is 80 Euros and includes unlimited soft drinks and food. The club also provides its patrons with towels, robes, and slippers. The brothel also allows men to drink alcohol and have sexual sex.

The German government oversees the brothel regularly. On an average day, it serves around 180 patrons. However, on the 17th of August 2012 four customers refused to pay. The crime involved an alarm gun modified for use and the firing of plastic bullets. A Russian resident of Berlin was arrested in the case.

Werdauer Reloaded

Werdauer Reloaded in Berlin is an upscale brothel owned by Capital Puff. It’s located just off Wittenberg Platz. The brothel is situated on the east side of the city, just few blocks from some of the city’s top nightclubs. The brothel is advertised as one of the most hip in Germany. It blends an atmosphere of a brothel with urban cafe chic. There won’t be any teddy bears or plastic flowers there, but there is a hot female who is ready to perform.

This upscale Berlin brothel has a total of 17 booths, and there’s an excellent mix of males and women. The inside of the brothel is fashionable, with low lighting and ample lighting around the bar. The ladies are mostly nude and work in two shifts.

Sunshine brothel

Independent companies run the Sunshine brothel in Berlin. Their website contains information about individual girls so you don’t have to worry about getting matched up with random women. There are two floors in the brothel and a variety of women ranging between 18 and 29 years old. They are mostly young and have extremely sexually attractive bodies.

The hotel has the BDSM room and an oversized tub. It also has a fitness room. Room rates start at EUR40 per 20 minutes. This includes fees for service providers.

Bel Ami

The Bel Ami brothel was a nightclub in Berlin that gained a reputation as an authentic German club called an edelster. Until escort girls , the brothel was a staple of Berlin’s nightlife and was operating as an edelster since the 1970s. The Berlin brothels are now permanently shut down. However, Bel Ami Berlin continues to operate under the name “Bel Ami Berlin”.

The first time that Berlin brothels were turned into an erotic playground was after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Although admission was costly, Detlef, the brothel owner, was treated with special care and reduced costs. There’s a fascinating article on Wikipedia dedicated to the brothels.


One of the largest brothels in Germany, the Artemis brothels are located in Berlin. Germany is a country where prostitution is legal and brothels are widespread. The Berlin Artemis brothel, which was opened in 2005, has an impressive four-story structure with a swimming pool as well as three saunas, two cinemas, and a space for 70 prostitutes as well as up 600 patrons.

The Artemis brothels are a blasphemous name. The name of the brothels is derived from the Greek goddess Artemis who promised to be a virgin. The Artemis brothels are located in the industrial areas near Charlottenburg’s Kurfurstendamm. They are near the Westkreuz metro station and the railway station. They are also near the ICC convention center, and around two kilometers away from the Olympic stadium, which played host to the 1936 Berlin Olympics and the 2006 FIFA World Cup games.

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